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At Trades by Jack, we are a residential contractor specializing in Leafguard gutters. We deliver the superior installation of some of the best products in the industry. This includes LeafGuard gutters which feature a seamless one-piece design, of which we are the exclusive dealer in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We endeavour to provide long-lasting solutions to our customers through best-in-class upgrades.

Our eavestrough services include eavestrough installation, repair, cleaning, and heater installation. Other specialized home improvement services on offer are asphalt roofing replacement, soffit and fascia board installation, vinyl siding installation, outdoor lighting installation, retractable pergolas and awnings installation, and patio glass enclosure installation, among others. When you call us, you will speak to one of our highly trained representatives who will answer any question you may have. There is a reason our logo is black and white – we do not entertain monkey business.

We Specialize in a Wide Array of Trades

We have been delivering a variety of exterior home improvement services to GTA homeowners for many years now. Our services not only offer protection to homes, but they also improve the curb appeal of the homes. We have a certified, experienced and well-trained team made up of specialists in different trades ranging from eavestrough installation to exterior lighting installation and from fascia board installation to asphalt roofing. Our team has the right tools, equipment, and safety gear for the job. Whatever the scope of the job, we endeavour to complete it on time, to the desired standard, and on budget. We hope to establish a long-lasting relationship with you by providing quality services and through our friendly attitude.

Exclusive Dealer of the LeafGuard Gutter System

While we offer a wide range of services, we have made a name for ourselves with LeafGuard gutters. We are the exclusive dealer of the elite LeafGuard Toronto eavestrough system. These gutters are clog-free thanks to their unique design that uses the principle of liquid adhesion to allow water in, while shedding debris to the ground.

Why Choose LeafGuard Gutters Over Other Gutter Systems

When looking for gutter protection, it’s crucial to be cautious and compare the qualities of different options, such as LeafFilter versus LeafGuard. Selecting the wrong gutter protector can result in wasted money, as leaks, blockages, and flooding can still occur. Comparing the features of LeafGuard and LeafFilter can help you make an informed decision.
LeafGuard offers a helmet design for gutter protection that utilizes the liquid adhesion principle to redirect water from the roof into the downspout. Its reverse curve style enhances visual appeal and ensures debris slides off effortlessly. The unique debris shedding design has undergone various tests and has been proven to be the most effective gutter guard available on the market. As it comes with its gutter system, it’s an even better option. It’s the only one-piece seamless gutter protection system available and is made with high-quality aluminum material. Additionally, it guarantees protection against all excess moisture-related issues, including pest and rodent infestations, basement floor and wall cracks, and mold growth that extends to interior walls.

LeafFilter for gutters has a simple design that’s aesthetically pleasing, and gutter replacement isn’t necessary. However, installing it requires time, energy, and the right tools, and you need to be careful not to damage the roof shingles or fascia boards. You may find it challenging to put the mesh gutter protectors in place, especially if you have no experience or knowledge about them. You’ll also need to clean off the top of the mesh screens regularly as debris accumulates on them.
Between the two options, LeafGuard is the best gutter protection system due to its high quality and minimal required maintenance. It eliminates worries about leaks, clogs, and other problems associated with open gutters. Professionals can handle the installation, ensuring a highly functional gutter in a stress-free manner. In contrast, LeafFilter requires too much maintenance and may not be practical in areas with high rainfall.

What Are the Benefits of LeafGuard Gutters?


LeafGuard is a gutter protection system that features a helmet design utilizing the liquid adhesion principle. This redirects water from the roof into the downspout while the reverse curve style enhances its visual appeal and ensures debris slides off effortlessly. The debris shedding design has undergone various tests and is proven to be the most effective gutter guard available in the market. What’s more, it comes with its gutter system, making it an even better option. It is the only one-piece seamless gutter protection system out there, and it’s made with high-quality aluminum material. It guarantees that your property remains safeguarded from excess moisture issues like pest and rodent infestations, basement floor and wall cracks, and mold growth extending to the interior walls.

LeafGuard Gutters Installation and Maintenance


Water damage in homes is often caused by poorly installed or malfunctioning gutters. Fortunately, there is a solution that can prevent such problems and save you the cost of repairs: LeafGuard gutter systems. These innovative gutter systems are suitable for all types of residential properties, whether new or old. They not only look and perform great but are also incredibly easy to install.
By following just three simple steps, you can have expert LeafGuard installers professionally install your new gutter system in just one day. First, the old gutter is inspected and removed. Next, the new gutter is assembled. Finally, the gutters are attached to the roof. With LeafGuard, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected from water damage caused by faulty gutters.

A Customer-First Philosophy

At Trades by Jack, we offer unmatched customer service. We put you first in everything we do. When you contact us, we will visit your home to learn more about what you want and to take measurements. All our representatives have a wealth of knowledge on all our products and services and are able to answer any question you may have. We understand that your home is your haven, which is why we employ only the most skilful and seasoned professionals.

You should not compromise when it comes to improving your home; go for the experienced home remodelling contractors at Trades by Jack. We will give you a free, no-obligation quote when you contact us. Our services are available in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

“I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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“Everything went very smoothly from the initial meeting for the quote to the delivery of the materials and the installation. Everyone who we had the pleasure of dealing with were very professional and courteous. The work was done quickly and efficiently and the property was left clean and tidy. I would highly recommend this company.”

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