Frequently Asked Questions about Gutters

LeafGuard gutters come highly recommended since they have been proven to protect homes from water damage for years now. At Trades by Jack, we are the exclusive dealers of LeafGuard gutters in the GTA. We endeavour to do quality installations to ensure your gutters work as they should for as long as possible. We have taken the time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding LeafGuard gutters. If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to answer you.

How do LeafGuard Eavestroughs Work?

LeafGuard gutters work on the simple yet effective scientific principle of liquid adhesion. They have a built-in hood that allows leaves, pine and fir needles, twigs, and other debris to harmlessly fall to the ground while water flows into the front-facing entrance.

What are the benefits of the LeafGuard one-piece construction?

With the LeafGuard one-piece construction, the built-in hood is attached to the trough away from the roof. This ensures that you do not void the roof’s warranty.

How sturdy is the LeafGuard Seamless Gutter System?

LeafGuard is made of .032 gauge aluminum that is 20% thicker than the industry standard, and the downspout is 30% larger than the industry standard. The roof is supported every 2 feet by heavy-duty internal hanging brackets, which ensures it can withstand even the heaviest rain. All these features ensure increased durability.

What is the cost of the LeafGuard Gutter System?

The size of the LeafGuard system depends on the size of your home. Once you call us, we will visit your site and take measurements, then give you a quote. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and quote.

Does LeafGuard Come with a Guarantee?

LeafGuard is guaranteed to never clog with debris like leaves, pine and fir needles, and twigs. This is covered under the LeafGuard lifelong clog-free guarantee. For more details on this guarantee, contact us and speak to one of our representatives.

How Long is a LeafGuard Eavestrough?

One of the greatest benefits of LeafGuard eavestrough is that it is customized to your home. We will take measurements and cut the eavestrough at the site based on your home’s specific measurements. This ensures that the eavestrough fits perfectly to your home.

Will LeafGuard keep Fir and Pine Needles Out?

The LeafGuard system works on the principle of liquid adhesion. This means that only water will enter the front-facing entrance. All other debris, no matter the size, will be shed by the built-in hood and fall to the ground.

Can LeafGuard Gutters Withstand Heavy Rainfall?

According to tests by the Good Housekeeping Institute, LeafGuard gutters can withstand even the heaviest rain (up to 32 inches of rain per hour). The gutters are designed for North America.

How will LeafGuard Gutters Affect the Curb Appeal of My Home?

LeafGuard gutters are designed with aesthetics in mind. The built-in hood features a sleep curvature that is unobtrusive to the natural architectural design of any home. There are different colours to choose from to ensure it matches the rest of your exterior décor. The ScratchGuard paint finish does not chip, peel, rot, rust, or crack, which means you do not have to worry about debris leaving unsightly dents and scratches.

Will LeafGuard Prevent Icicle and Ice Dams Formation?

There is no eavestrough system that can prevent icicle and ice dam formation. However, what the LeafGuard system does is prevent the possibility of ice accumulation inside the gutter system. You can use eavestrough heaters further to reduce the risk of icicle and ice dam formation.

“I am so glad we installed the LeafGuard Gutter system at my house. The installation team were fantastic. Overall very happy with my choice. ”

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“I would like to thank Trades by Jack for installing the LeafGuard system at my place. It helps keep my gutter clog-free. Now, I don’t have to call a gutter cleaning service over and over again. You have helped me save money and time. Thanks again for your effective solution.”

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