LeafGuard Gutters in Barrie

LeafGuard Gutters Barrie

Eavestrough maintenance is one of the most overlooked home maintenance activities. In addition to being messy, eavestrough maintenance is also risky. You need skills and expertise to be perched atop a ladder. At Trades by Jack, we understand the hassles of eavestrough cleaning, and we have the perfect solution: LeafGuard gutters. We are the exclusive installers of high-quality gutter protection systems in Barrie and the Greater Toronto Area. For many years, we have provided exceptional LeafGuard gutters in Barrie, and homeowners are happy with the results. With our quality LeafGuard gutters, you will never clean your gutters again.

Signs That You Require LeafGuard Gutters

The common problems that result from clogged gutters are rotted soffits, water intrusion, rotten fascia and other issues. LeafGuard gutters are a crucial tool that enables you to mitigate the risk of clogged gutters and the home damages that could result from them. If you are a homeowner that doesn’t have a LeafGuard gutter system, below are signs that you need to invest in one before extensive damage occurs to your home and the foundation.

You have trees near your gutters —even a single tree near your gutter system is enough to warrant LeafGuard installation. During the fall and early winter, trees in Canada constantly shed their leaves. Dried-out leaves could fall into the gutters, causing clogging. Dried leaves resting in your gutters could also lead to a house fire if lightning strikes your home and the leaves catch fire.

If you constantly have to clean your gutters, it is a sign that you need LeafGuard gutters Barrie. Typically, gutters should be cleaned once or twice per year. However, if you live in a place with many leaves, you may have to clean the gutters once every month. Gutter cleaning is a time-consuming process that can be easily mitigated by installing a LeafGuard gutter system to ensure that your gutters are clean throughout the year.

The presence of water stains beneath the gutter system is also a sign that you need LeafGuard gutters Barrie. Water stains indicate that the gutters have accumulated leaves or grime and any water that gets into them splashes out. You should never let a clogged gutter lower your home’s curb appeal. Contact the gutter experts at Trades by Jack to schedule a LeafGuard system installation today.

Exclusive LeafGuard Gutter Dealer in Barrie

LeafGuard is the most trusted gutter system free from clogs. Any gutter system can carry water away from your system. However, it takes LeafGuard to do it perfectly. No other gutter system matches the quality and performance of LeafGuard. It eliminates problems that most homeowners worry about, including damaged foundation, rotten fascia and soffit, basement flooding, landscape erosion, damaged driveway, and mould and mildew. Our professional installers will fit the LeafGuard system to the exact specifications of your home. LeafGuard gutters have a sleek, seamless design; you don’t have to worry about unsightly seams.

How LeafGuard Gutters Work

Gutters are a catchall for dirt, twigs, roof runoff and other outdoor grime. While LeafGuard gutters cannot guarantee that you will never have to clean your gutters again, they will significantly reduce the number of times you need to clean the gutters. They will also lower the risk of damage to your home/property due to sitting water and clogged gutters.

The LeafGuard gutter system uses a simple principle of only drawing rainwater into the gutter system while leaves and other debris fall off. Unlike the traditional gutters that are attached with spikes that can detach, LeafGuard gutters are attached to the fascia with internal hanging brackets, usually every two feet.

Perhaps you are wondering whether LeafGuard gutters can withstand heavy rainfall. The gutters can handle up to 32 inches of rain per hour. This is three times the heaviest rain that has been recorded in Canada. For years, Trades by Jack has been installing seamless LeafGuard Gutters in homes all over Barrie. We are committed to installing gutter systems that clients love and complement the current style of their homes.

Our experts know the best tools to use and the best practices to employ. The last thing you would want is to pay for repairs on your new gutters. This is what you would go through if you don’t install quality gutters or if you go for DIY gutter installation. LeafGuard gutters come with a manufacturer’s warranty that will cover any defect in the material. With DIY gutter installation, it will be up to you to pay for all the repairs. You should only have a professional install the gutter system to enjoy the warranty.

Our installation experts will form the LeafGuard gutters onsite to ensure they match the dimensions of your home. We employ unmatched efficiency and precision when installing the gutter system. Upon the installation of the LeafGuard system, you don’t have to worry about regular maintenance. With so many gutter colours available, our team will help you choose the colour that complements your home. Contact Trades by Jack today to request a free estimate. You can count on us to only provide you with the best quality LeafGuard gutters Barrie that meet your unique style, needs, and budget.

Our LeafGuard gutters require no caulking, unlike the fabricated eavestroughs. The gutters have no seams that could cause leaks. Their seamless design enhances the smooth flow of water while eliminating the likelihood of water damage. LeafGuard gutters have a built-in hood, which deflects dirt, leaves and debris preventing gutter clogging. You will benefit from an all-in-one gutter design; you don’t have to buy two separate systems.

Types of Gutter Guards on the Market

Perhaps you are torn between installing a LeafGuard gutter system and installing gutter guards. Gutter guards are a cheaper alternative to LeafGuard gutters. However, gutter guards cannot match the performance of LeafGuard gutters. Our LeafGuard gutters Barrie employ patented technology to eliminate clogging, cleaning, and the need for costly repair.

Mesh Gutter Guards

These gutter guards consist of metal screens that are installed over the eavestroughs. The gutter guards trap leaves at the top, allowing water to flow freely. However, they require regular cleaning to remove the leaves accumulated at the top. The gutter guard might also end up with pieces of leaves attached to it.

Foam Gutter Guards

These gutter guards are suitable for all seasons in Barrie. They will significantly protect your eavestrough system and are installed inside the eavestrough system. Like mesh cards, foam guards contain pores that only allow water to penetrate. The gutter guards are available in different flexible lengths. You only require a pair of scissors to cut the foam to the desired length. The downside is that these gutter guards could allow shingle granules to pass through and collect at the bottom, making them hard to clean.

Reverse-Curve Gutter Guards

The reverse curve gutter guards will completely cover the top of your eavestrough and then curve back towards the building, creating a horizontal slot leading back to the gutter. The water flows around the curve from the top of the guard and into the slot. It prevents leaves and debris from accumulating in the gutter. The downside is that the gutter is visible from the ground, thus lowering your home’s curb appeal. It is also costly to install.

Bottle Brush Gutter Guards

This cylindrical gutter guard resembles a bottlebrush. It is inexpensive and easy to install. It is also easy to remove for cleaning. However, leaves might accumulate behind the bristles. Therefore, this gutter guard is not ideal for areas with many leaves.

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LeafGuard gutters are exclusively available to homeowners in Barrie and other cities in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. We are committed to providing homeowners with the best products and services. That’s why we are the exclusive installer of high-quality LeafGuard gutters in Barrie. Contact us today for an estimate.

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