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LeafGuard Gutters EtobicokeHave you been experiencing issues with your basement, foundation, landscape, or exterior walls lately? Trades by Jack is here to help you out. We are a reliable roofing and exterior renovation company that delivers high-quality results everywhere we serve. We customize our services and make sure you get the best gutter systems that will withstand the Etobicoke weather.


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Why choose LeafGuard Gutters

Spending money on a gutter system that will prevent subsequent expenditure on repairs and maintenance is always the best option. By spending a little more on the initial costs, you will be assured that leaves and debris will not interfere with your gutter system, thereby saving a lot of money in the long run. LeafGuard gutter have one-piece designs that guarantee you will never have to deal with debris or water problems.

Maintaining a regular gutter is usually one of the best ways of extending its longevity, but the process consumes a lot of energy and requires that you dedicate a lot of time to it. It gets harder in regions like Etobicoke, where freezing during winter can affect the debris. Your only option will be to get on the roof as you remove them singularly. Alternatively, you will use a ladder, which is equally dangerous, as shown by the statistics. There is a feasible solution to these problems. You can upgrade your gutter system into a modern design that only allows water and melted snow into the eavestrough while keeping everything else outside.

LeafGuard systems are a dream-come-true for all property owners. With them, you can stop worrying about when to clean your gutters or setting aside some funds for the same. You also stop risking your life and your loved ones’ safety.

Trades by Jack is already available in Etobicoke to do the installation for you. Our LeafGuard contractors are well-trained, licensed, and insured, just like our company. We believe in doing the job right the first time to avoid repairs and additional maintenance costs. We also believe in perfection that comes from the right fittings. When the gutter system overlaps, you will start needing repairs sooner than later.

Our warranties will help put your mind at ease and give you the additional reassurance you need that you are getting a worthy product. As part of our customer service, we help clients choose LeafGuard styles and colours that are compatible with the property designs.

Exclusive LeafGuard Gutter Dealer in Etobicoke

As the exclusive LeafGuard installers in Etobicoke, we aim to build a lasting relationship with our clients. We already know the benefits that LeafGuards have because of their design. We want you to experience them and enjoy quality workmanship as well. With our ingenious roofing and exterior solutions, common gutter guard problems will be history for you.

Do You Need LeafGuard?

When you choose the LeafGuard system, you get an aluminum casing that will remain strong and sturdy against all-natural elements. This durability, when added to the paint finishing that prevents cracking, makes these the highest quality gutter systems. They also have adequate protection that ensures you do not spend your time picking off leaves from the gutter.

All these benefits will save you from the common problems property owners in this region experience. You won’t worry about debris getting stuck on the gutter, which will allow you to enjoy your life more as the seasons change. Regardless of the kind of weather you have in your area or the number of branches or dry leaves that fall on your roof, LeafGuards will not cause you any problems.

These gutter systems have many other advantages that can better your life as a property owner.

How Do LeafGuard Gutters Work?

LeafGuards work like every other gutter system, but in a better and more efficient manner. They have a front opening that allows water to pass through and a casing that has a paint finish that will keep debris from getting into the eavestrough. The design gives them protection and ensures minimal to no maintenance throughout the year. These gutter systems also eliminate the need for dealing with sections of the systems. You won’t have to worry about changing downspouts or screws holding the eavestrough together.

During installation, these gutters are measured and cut according to your property, which increases their suitability for your home or business location. They are available in multiple choices, which also helps with the customization concept. You can choose any type you think will make your home stand out and still provide the protection you want.

Don’t worry if it is your first time installing a LeafGuard system. Trades by Jack representatives will help you with all the questions you may have and guide you in making the right choice.

Other Types of Gutter Guards on the Market

Other, less superior gutter guards are available in the industry. They don’t provide the same level of functionality as the LeafGuards from Trades by Jack, but they can still suffice for short-term use. These other types may not hold the pressure from heavy rain and require constant cleaning that may be hard to manage.

  • Mesh Gutter Guards: 

Mesh guards have screen guards that are made with a metal sheet with holes that water seeps through into the eavestrough. Although the screen may prevent debris, the debris will collect on top and will need to be cleared away.

  • Bottle Brush Gutter Guards: 

Also known as brush gutter guards, these are the cheapest, but they can be removed by birds and rodents. It does not take a lot of debris to clog them, and sometimes they attract pests that breed in them. They need a lot of maintenance, especially when trees are nearby.

  • Nylon or Foam Gutter Guards: 

These arch-shaped guards are usually used inside the gutters where the foam allows water to pass through and keeps debris from passing. Their design may keep ice at bay, but they get dirty very quickly, which leads to regular maintenance needs.  The foam may also disintegrate with time. On the other hand, they are easy to install, and they have an attractive design that makes them great for visual effect.

Improve Your Home’s Exterior with our LeafGuard Gutters – Serving Etobicoke

LeafGuard gutters are compatible with all house styles, and they have many other features that will improve your home in general. Aluminum material, corrosion-resistant hangers, and very large downspouts are some of the extra features you get with these gutters, and we are here to handle the installation part.

Benefits of LeafGuard Gutters

When you have these gutter systems, you won’t have water spilling over clogs or leaking water that reaches the nearby elements like soffit and fascia boards. Since they use hangers and not nails, you won’t have holes on your roof to cause more leaks. These gutters also prevent mould and bacterial growth. All these benefits protect your home from damage by water, insects and rodents or human error.

Other Products We Install

Our roofing contractors have experience with different types of roofing materials, including asphalt shingles. We have the right certifications that show you can depend on us to get you the best roofing solutions.

We also install vinyl siding for extra protection of the home and added beauty. Since we don’t want to trade these for your comfort, we make sure the siding we use requires very little maintenance.

Exterior lights installation is another area of our expertise. We can put the lighting fixtures around your soffit to illuminate the dark places and create the right atmosphere for outdoor use.

Let’s Get Started

Whether you want pergola or roof repairs, we are the right people to contact. We will give you more details about how we can help you when you reach out.

Top-Performing LeafGuard Gutters for Homeowners in Etobicoke

Don’t feel bad if you’ve been paying more attention to other parts of your house than the eavestrough. Most people tend to forget the vitality of these systems, which often results in more problems. You can call our professionals to service your gutter systems for you. We will keep your eavestrough from causing you more expensive problems.

Why Choose LeafGuard Gutters?

No other gutter systems can match the quality and functionality of LeafGuard gutters. They have distinctive features that set them apart, such as:

Built-In Covers

The heavy-duty aluminum covers keep debris from getting into the eavestrough. The curved design promotes drainage while maintaining cleanliness. The covers also help with durability by making the gutter stronger against winds and other elements. You can be sure only water will be getting into the eaves.

A Sturdy Seamless Design 

The design is not too attractive to make the gutters visible from afar, yet it has enough visual appeal to fit multiple house designs. You will get a flawless blend from the roof to the walls, with the gutters being part of the whole setup. The sturdy design also enhances the usability of the gutter system by making sure leaves and other materials fall on the ground instead of the eaves.

A ScratchGuard® Paint Finish

The paint has been tested and proven to be as durable as advertised. It does not chip, crack, or peel, which keeps the gutters in the best shape for the longest time.

Protect Your Home With LeafGuard

Get the ultimate protection with LeafGuard from Trades by Jack. These impressive seamless gutters will give your property the ability to tolerate the Etobicoke weather with minimal effort on your part. We will be happy to hear from you as we schedule a meeting to discuss your needs further.

One-Piece Design

What makes LeafGuard gutters so remarkable is that they feature a debris-shedding hood that prevents the system from clogging. Similar gutter protection products are add-ons that you would pay an extra cost for, but LeafGuard gutters eliminate this cost because the gutter cover is made from the same piece of durable aluminum as the trough.

Seamless Installation

At Trades by Jack, we not only offer industry-leading eavestroughs, but we also deliver world-class installation. Our experienced technicians will take the time to size your new eavestroughs to match the exact dimensions of your home, ensuring a perfect fit. This eliminates the seams you find on prefabricated systems that can allow water to leak out.

Worry-Free Protection

With LeafGuard gutters installed on your home, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning out your eavestroughs again—LeafGuard gutters are guaranteed to never clog! And, we’ll include a limited lifetime warranty to protect your investment.

To learn more about LeafGuard gutters and why they’re the best choice for your home in the Etobicoke, ON, area, contact Trades by Jack today.

“Every person I talked to from this company was very respectful and helpful. That respect extended to when they came to do my install, and they also communicated openly throughout the whole process. I couldn't be happier with the service delivery I got from them.”

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