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Why choose LeafGuard Gutters

Why spend money cleaning your gutters when you can invest in a seamless gutter system that will stay clear at no cost? Invest in a high-quality gutter system with a one-piece design that is guaranteed to filter out debris and protect against water damage.

Maintaining eavestroughs is one of the most dangerous exterior maintenance responsibilities and every homeowner’s nightmare. It requires you to either work off a ladder or walk on the roof to deal with all the debris that is stuck or frozen in your gutters, which poses a risk of falling off your ladder or roof. If you don’t want to perform eavestrough maintenance by yourself, consider replacing your current gutter or you’ll have to periodically spend money on professional gutter cleaning services to prevent extensive interior and exterior water damage.

A high-quality gutter system like LeafGuard will filter out debris, meaning that you and your loved ones won’t have to risk your health by climbing a ladder or spend your hard-earned cash on professional gutter cleaning services anymore. At Trades by Jack, we offer a top quality clog-proof LeafGuard gutter system that will eliminate the costs of gutter cleaning services forever.

As an exclusive installer of high-performance gutter protection systems, we offer specialized LeafGuard installations to locals in Hamilton, and throughout Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Our team of professionals will ensure the newly installed gutter system fits the specifications of your home. The LeafGuard gutters include a built-in protection system, meaning you won’t have to worry about leaves, branches, and other debris that get stuck in gutters.

At Trades by Jack, we specialize in LeafGuard gutter installations for both commercial and residential clients. We proudly serve our customers by offering our LeafGuard gutter installations that are customized to each home.

Trades by Jack’s LeafGuard gutters are top notch and come with a product guarantee and a manufacturer’s warranty. The systems are also available in a variety of colours to perfectly match the exterior of your house. Our team of professionals and experts will not only take care of your property’s water drainage from the roof but also advise you on the best roofing solutions that will suit your style, budget, and needs.

Exclusive LeafGuard Gutters Dealer in Hamilton

Investing in our quality LeafGuard gutters will eliminate the need for maintenance , and keep you and your loved ones safely off the ladder. Our seamless one-piece LeafGuard gutters are specially designed to offer the best protection against potential damage that plague ordinary jointed gutters.

Do You Need LeafGuard?

During the winter season in Hamilton, many homeowners have to deal with all the debris that gets stuck or frozen, and leads to the blockage of their gutters. Through the leakages, water may enter into your exterior walls, doors, and windows, leading to mold, rot, and other damage caused by water. Having the LeafGuard system installed at your home will ensure protection from Hamilton’s demanding weather. The built-in protection system of the LeafGuard gutters will protect your gutters from leaves, branches, and other debris that slow down the drainage of water. When this debris accumulates and becomes heavy, it may lead to damage of the gutters.

The LeafGuard gutters will not collapse, as they minimize the debris and allow water to drain freely. LeafGuard will also free you from the duty of cleaning your gutters which is often necessary for unprotected gutters.

How Do LeafGuard Gutters Work?

LeafGuard gutters are a seamless one-piece design that allow water to flow into the eavestrough through the front opening while the debris falls onto the ground. This will prevent the debris from accumulating inside your gutters and downspouts. The built-in protection provided by the LeafGuard gutters will effectively shed debris and protect the overall system throughout the season.

The highly-trained team of experts at Trades by Jack’s will first disassemble the current gutter system of your Hamilton home and install your new LeafGuard gutters within a day or two. The LeafGuard gutters will be customized to your home, formed on-site, and following the exact measurements of your home.

Our great LeafGuard gutters will protect your home, and keep your family off of dangerous ladders. Trades by Jack’s professional representatives will advise and guide you through all the colour choices; so that you can have peace of mind, relax, and enjoy some leisure – knowing that the value of your home is well protected. Reach out to us today to schedule a free estimate.

Other Types of LeafGuards on the Market

Trades by Jack’s LeafGuard guards are the ultimate solutions that prevents clogging, ensures proper rainwater flow and is durable for years to come. Our team of experts will work with you to protect your home and eliminate the need for constant cleaning. Below are some of the other, less efficient alternatives to LeafGuard Gutters:

  • Mesh Gutter Guards: They come with a metal screen that is installed over a gutter to trap leaves and other debris. With mesh guards, you’ll have to periodically clean them to prevent debris from accumulating and allow water to flow freely.
  • Bottle Brush Gutter Guards: These gutter guards are made up of spiky materials that bend through the gutter. They’re good for eavestroughs’ protection especially in places with fewer trees yet become problematic if you have trees around and require cleaning.
  • Nylon or Foam Gutter Guards: These wedge-shaped guards are installed inside the gutter system and promise to deliver protection for all seasons. They have a slick finish that prevents the build-up of water and ice, yet quickly get dirty and have a tendency to hold leaves in place. Foam or nylon gutter guards offer some protection of the gutter system and are better for cold Canadian weather yet often get dirty and disintegrate with time.

Improve Your Home’s Exterior with our LeafGuard Gutters – Serving Hamilton

All the products we install are designed for exceptional performance and low maintenance requirements. Nowhere is that more evident than LeafGuard gutters, for which we’re the exclusive dealer in the area.

Benefits of LeafGuard Gutters

Your eavestroughs play a vitally important role in protecting your home from rain and snow damage, so you want to be sure you invest in the best system on the market. LeafGuard gutters are prized in the industry due to the all-on design—the debris-shedding hood is built right into the system and will effectively prevent your eavestroughs from clogging, ensuring performance that lasts.

Other Products We Install

In addition to LeafGuard gutters, we can install the following on your home:

  • Asphalt roofing – We’re a certified GAF contractor and excel at installing these best-in-class asphalt shingles.
  • Vinyl siding – Give your home a makeover with beautiful new siding that will hold strong against the elements while requiring very little maintenance.
  • Outdoor lighting – Your home will surely stand out on the block with one of our outdoor lighting systems providing the perfect ambiance in the evening hours.
  • Awnings and pergolas – Take advantage of your outdoor by investing in an awning or pergola.

Let’s Get Started

If any of these noteworthy products sounds like the solution you’re looking for, contact Trades by Jack today. We’re the preferred home renovation contractor in the Hamilton, ON, area.

Top-Performing LeafGuard Gutters for Homeowners in Hamilton

It’s easy to forget about your eavestroughs, but they are imperative to your home’s performance. Aging and failing eavestroughs are likely to leak, clog, and overflow, which can cause serious water damage that’s costly to repair. In order to avoid these issues, partner with Trades by Jack when your home needs new eavestroughs. We install LeafGuard gutters that offer best-in-class performance and are guaranteed to never clog.

Why Choose LeafGuard Gutters?

Offering unmatched performance, LeafGuard gutters are the best choice for your home. They feature:

Built-In Covers

A curved, built-in cover protects LeafGuard gutters from clog-causing debris so that water can flow unobstructed. Not only does this allow for uninterrupted drainage, but it also keeps the eavestroughs permanently clear, so you’ll never have to clean them out again.

A Sturdy Seamless Design 

Unlike most eavestroughs that are installed in sections, LeafGuard gutters are custom fabricated to fit your home’s dimensions and installed in one continuous piece. This makes the system far more durable than other types of eavestroughs and ensures performance in the harshest weather conditions. It also prevents rust, leaks, and sagging—common problems with standard sectional gutters.

A ScratchGuard® Paint Finish

LeafGuard gutters are coated with a special finish to prevent chipping, peeling, cracking, and rusting. The finish also resists dirt build-up and helps the eavestroughs stand up to constant exposure to the elements.

Protect Your Home With LeafGuard

Reach out to the pros at Trades by Jack today to learn more about the benefits of LeafGuard gutters. We offer free, no-obligation consultations and would be happy to schedule a meeting at your home in Hamilton, ON, or a nearby community.


High-Class Gutters and At-Par Installations

LeafGuard Contractors in Hamilton

As residential contractors specializing in LeafGuard systems, we aim to give superb services and products. Our LeafGuard gutters Toronto easily stand out because of their superiority and design, which consists of a one-piece style. As exclusive dealers of gutter systems in Hamilton, we strive to exceed our client’s expectations by giving you upgrades you can be proud of for many years.
We specialize in a wide area of home improvement installations, including pergolas, vinyl siding, soffit and fascia boards, asphalt roofing, patio glass, and many others. We are also great at cleaning and repairing eavestroughs, and can install a heater if you want one.
You can call us any time with inquiries or questions – our friendly representatives will attend to you to get you the services you need as soon as possible. Every member of our team is highly trained and values transparency. We do not entertain shady dealings. We remain truthful and honest in our dealings with you.

We Trade in A Variety of Home Betterment Projects

Trades by Jack’s team serve you intending to build lasting relationships. That is one of the reasons we do not fail our clients or deliver services that are below par. We also have the correct tools to complete every project within budget and schedule, no matter the scope. We never compromise quality standards, but we diversify our services to include an array of home beautification services, such as asphalt roofing, eavestrough, outdoor lighting, fascia board installations, and many others. The training that our human resources have undergone, with our certifications and experience, put us in the best position to serve you expertly. Our service in the industry for several years also helps us stay on track – you get a friendly and seasoned team.

Trusted LeafGuard Gutter Dealer in Hamilton

We excel in other services as much as we do LeafGuard gutters, but our gutter systems use a liquid adhesion principle that allows water to flow through the eavestrough as debris falls off. They also have different designs, making them an asset for boosting curb appeal. 

We have built our reputation around the LeafGuard system. Therefore, we do not fail when aiming to achieve the finest results.

LeafGuard Installers That Put You First

You will never interact with novice personnel when you seek our services. Everyone in our teams, from the representatives to the various installers, is excellent at their respective roles. You will receive satisfactory services, from answers to your questions to LeafGuard installation. We treat your property like our own – a haven that deserves the best care. Only certified, properly-trained experts will come from our company to your home.

We do not believe in compromising quality for anything. Your home deserves the best in the industry, which is Trades by Jack. You do not have to worry about our prices – we give free quotations before starting the job. Get our stress-free services today in Hamilton and throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

“I could go on and on about this company saying nothing less but wonderful things. From the sales agent, to the men that came to do the install, to the customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. You're valued and appreciated and they make sure you're very happy throughout the entire process from start to finish.”

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