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LeafGuard Gutters MarkhamAre you searching for the best way to liven up your home’s exterior? At Trades by Jack, we’ve got you covered. As one of the most reputable and most recommended renovation contractors in Markham, you can always count on us to deliver Grade-A customer service as well as superior craftsmanship. You can place your trust in us on any home improvement project you are working on.


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Why choose LeafGuard Gutters

Why spend time and money cleaning your eavestroughs when you can invest in an innovative gutter system that will remain clear all year at no extra cost? You can get this with the LeafGuard gutters. These are high-quality gutter systems that are seamless and come with a system that filters out debris while at the same time protecting your home from water damage.

It is a no-brainer that maintaining the gutters is the most dangerous maintenance job for homeowners. The job requires that you climb up a ladder and, at times, walk on the roof to remove debris that may be stuck or frozen inside the gutters. Although it is necessary, the removal of debris involves a certain level of risk, especially when you think about falling off the roof or ladder. Replacing your old gutters with a LeafGuard gutter will eliminate the need to climb up the roof, thus keeping you safe. This innovative product remains clean regardless of the season.

The LeafGuard gutter has a system that filters debris out. This means you never have to climb up a ladder or spend your money on professional gutter cleaning services. The LeafGuard gutter system we offer is top quality and will keep your gutters clean without the need for regular cleaning.

At Trades by Jack, we are exclusive installers of high-performance gutter protection systems. We offer LeafGuard installation services to the locals in Markham and across Ontario and the GTA. Our team will make sure the new gutter system is installed to fit the specifications of your home.

Our services are available for both residential and commercial buildings. Our LeafGuard gutters are of the highest quality and come with a manufacturer’s warranty as well as a product guarantee. We also don’t force you to sacrifice aesthetics. Our products are available in a vast selection of colours. You will be able to find a colour that matches the exterior of your house best.

At Trades by Jack, we are not focused solely on the installation of our top-notch LeafGuard gutter systems. If you are unsure which option to use, we are happy to advise you on the best solutions that suit your needs, style and budget.

Exclusive LeafGuard Gutter Dealer in Markham

When you install our LeafGuard gutters, you will eliminate the need for maintenance. This means no more risking falling off a ladder or roof. Our LeafGuard gutters are designed to provide the best protection against damages that are common in ordinary jointed gutters. Our LeafGuard gutters are, without a doubt, one of the best investments you will ever make.

Do You Need LeafGuard?

In winter, homeowners in Markham have to deal with debris stuck or frozen in the gutters. Frequently, the debris cause blockage leading to leakages that cause water to get into your walls, windows and doors. This causes mould growth, rot and a variety of other water damages. Installing our LeafGuard gutter system will guarantee complete protection from the demanding weather in Markham. The system has a built-in system that will protect your gutters from being clogged by branches, leaves and other forms of debris. Needless to say, when the debris accumulates, it can cause damage to the gutters.

Our LeafGuard gutters will never collapse. They reduce the amount of debris that finds its way into the gutters and allow water to drain easily. The LeafGuard will also free you from the hassle of having to clean your gutters every few weeks. Debris simply falls off the gutters without getting inside.

How Do LeafGuard Gutters Work?

Our LeafGuard gutters have a seamless one-piece design that allows water to flow into the gutter through the front while forcing debris to fall off. This unique feature enables the LeafGuard system to keep debris from accumulating into the eavestroughs and downspouts. The built-in protection offered by the LeafGuard gutters effectively sheds debris off and protects the system in all seasons.

When you contact us, the first thing our team does is disassemble the existing gutter system to pave the way for the new LeafGuard gutters. Removing the old gutters and installing the LeafGuard gutters takes one to two days. Our experts will form the gutters on-site and customize them to match your home’s exact measurements.

The reason you should consider installing our LeafGuard gutters is because they are low maintenance. You never have to climb up a ladder to clean them. There are also so many colours for you to choose from. Our Trades by Jack professionals will guide you until you make the best choice. Schedule a free, no-obligation appointment with us today.

Other Types of Gutter Guards on the Market

LeafGuard gutters by Trades by Jack are the best solution for preventing clogging and ensuring there is a proper flow of rainwater. Our system is durable and eliminates the need for manually cleaning the gutters now and then. Our team will work with you to install the best system that matches your home. Here are other less efficient alternatives that try to compete with LeafGuard gutters.

  • Mesh Gutter Guards: 

These are systems that feature a metal screen installed over the gutter. The screen is meant to trap debris and keep it from getting into the gutters. The drawback is you still have to clear debris from the screen to allow water to flow freely into the gutter.

  • Bottle Brush Gutter Guards: 

These gutter guards are made of a spiky material that bends through the gutter. The spiky materials are meant to keep debris out of the gutter. While they work, they are only ideal for protecting homes in areas with fewer trees. They become problematic where many trees are around.

  • Nylon or Foam Gutter Guards: 

These are wedge-shaped guards that are installed inside the eavestrough. The system has a slick finish which prevents water and ice build-up inside the gutter. While they promise to deliver protection in all seasons, they get dirty quickly and tend to have leaves stuck in them. These systems offer some level of protection and are ideal for the cold Canadian weather. They are, however, not as maintenance-free as LeafGuard systems.

Improve Your Home’s Exterior with our LeafGuard Gutters – Serving Markham

The products we install at Trades by Jack are all designed for unparalleled performance and low maintenance requirements. This is more evident in our innovative LeafGuard gutters. We are the exclusive dealer of LeafGuard gutters in Markham.

Benefits of LeafGuard Gutters

The key role of the eavestroughs is to protect your home from snow and rain damage. That is why it is very important that you invest in the best system the market has to offer. LeafGuard gutters are, without a doubt, the best investment you can make. They have a debris-shedding hood which prevents debris from ever clogging the eavestroughs. This ensures a reliable performance that lasts. 

Other Products We Install

In addition to supplying and installing LeafGuard gutters, you can turn to us for the installation of the following:

  • Asphalt roofing: At Trades by Jack we are certified GAF contractors. We excel at installing best-in-class asphalt shingles.
  • Vinyl siding: We are happy to help you give your home a makeover with gorgeous new siding that holds up against the elements while at the same time requiring little maintenance.
  • Outdoor lighting: Our outdoor lighting systems are designed to provide the perfect ambience at night.
  • Awnings and pergolas: We can help with your awnings and pergolas needs.

Let’s Get Started

Are you interested in the installation of any of the products mentioned above? We are only one call away. We take great pride in being the preferred home renovation contractor by both residential and commercial clients in Markham. Call us to schedule a free consultation.  

Top-Performing LeafGuard Gutters for Homeowners in Markham

The majority of homeowners forget about their eavestroughs until there is a problem. Considering how essential these features are to the performance of your home, you must give them the attention they deserve. You don’t want to only think about them when they are clogged, leaking, or overflowing. To avoid these problems, you should partner with us when you need new eavestroughs. We will install our innovative LeafGuard gutters, which are best-in-class performance and never clog.

Why Choose LeafGuard Gutters?

LeafGuard gutters are the best investment for your home. They offer unparalleled performance and a range of impressive features.

Built-In Covers

LeafGuard gutters come with a built-in curved cover that keeps the gutters from ever clogging. Debris simply falls off to the ground while water flows unobstructed into the gutter. This leads to uninterrupted drainage and keeps the eavestrough clear, permanently—no more climbing up the ladder to clean the gutters.

A Sturdy Seamless Design

Unlike other eavestroughs which are installed in sections, the LeafGuard gutters are fabricated to fit the dimensions of your home. They are installed as one continuous piece, which means they don’t have seams. This makes the gutters more durable and guarantees that they can stand up against the harshest weather conditions. The gutter has also been treated to prevent sagging, leaks, and rust.

A ScratchGuard® Paint Finish

Our LeafGuard gutters have a special finish that prevents peeling, chipping, rusting, and cracking. The finish also prevents the build-up of dirt and enables the eavestroughs to stand up to constant exposure to the elements.

Protect Your Home With LeafGuard

To learn more about LeafGuard gutters, we encourage you to reach out to our professionals at Trades by Jack. We are happy to offer our clients a free, no-obligation consultation. We can also schedule a meeting at your home or commercial building in Markham or a nearby community.

“I could say many wonderful things about this company endlessly. From the sales agent to the people who did the installation and their customer care. The team is friendly and professional throughout the process. I recommend them 100%.”

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