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If there is a chore that is universally disliked by homeowners, it is cleaning the eavestrough. However, it is a necessary evil because clogging causes water to overflow, which can cause water damage to the foundation, walls, soffit and fascia boards, basement, roof, and landscaping. Gutters that are clean and in a good state of repair also help prevent accidental showers as you are leaving your house, patio, or garage. They improve your home’s curb appeal, help prevent slippery surfaces, and help you gather excess water for such uses as washing your car and watering plants.

Eavestrough cleaning usually has to be done before the start of every season. However, balancing yourself while working on your eavestrough is not easy – it exposes you to the risk of a ladder-related accident. Fortunately, the team at Trades by Jack has the perfect solution for this – the LeafGuard Gutter System. LeafGuard gutters do not clog, eliminating the need to go up the ladder. We are the exclusive dealers and installers of the high-performance LeafGuard gutters in Orangeville and the Greater Toronto Area.

Signs that you need the LeafGuard Gutter System

According to the National Association of Homebuilders, eavestroughs made of aluminum and galvanized steel have a lifespan of 2 decades, while those made of copper can last half a century. However, this does not account for such problems as damage by ladders during cleaning and fallen tree limbs. Sometimes you may not even know when your current gutter system was installed. So, how do you know when to replace your gutter system with the superior LeafGuard gutter system?

  • Clogged Gutters: If you have to regularly clean your gutters, you need the clog-free LeafGuard gutters Orangeville. Clogging causes water to overflow, causing your soffit and fascia boards to rot. You should also be on the lookout for eroded landscaping, flooded basements, damaged foundation, dirty channels, pooling water, and rusty and peeling exterior paint. The primary cause of gutter clogging is the accumulation of leaves and other debris. You, therefore, need the LeafGuard gutter system if there are trees around your home. The liquid adhesion principle on which the gutter system works also keeps pine and fir needles out.
  • Cold Weather: Orangeville summers are comfortable, but the winters are windy, freezing, and snowy. The snowy period lasts 5.8 months a year, from 29th October to 23rd April. The coldest month is February, with an average of 6 inches of snowfall, and the cold weather increases the strain on the gutter system due to icicle formation and snow accumulation. This calls for a gutter system that can withstand extreme weather conditions like the LeafGuard gutter system. You should also consider gutter heater installation to further prevent snow and ice accumulation. At Trades by Jack, we will install for you a self-regulating gutter heater to prevent accidents that may result from falling icicles and to increase the lifespan of your roof and gutter system.
  • Heavy Rainfall: The wet season in Orangeville lasts 7.4 months, from 10th April to 21st November, with a 23% chance of having a wet day during this period. June is the wettest month, with an average of 8.4 days having precipitation of at least 0.04 inches. Test results from the Good Housekeeping Institute show that the LeafGuard Gutter System can withstand up to 32 inches of rain per hour.
  • Need for Constant Repairs: If you have to repair your gutter system regularly, it is a sign that it needs to be replaced. Be on the lookout for such red flags as cracks, holes, rust spots, peeling exterior paint, sagging, broken fasteners, separated gutters, and gutters pulling away from the roof. You want a gutter system that will last you many years. The LeafGuard gutter system uses .032-gauge aluminum – this is 20% thicker than what you get with standard gutters. The internal hanging brackets are also heavy-duty for increased durability.
  • Chipping, Peeling, and Cracking Gutters: If your gutter system’s paint is scratched, chipping, peeling, cracking, or rusting, this will impact your home’s curb appeal and resale value. The LeafGuard gutter system comes with the ScratchGuard Paint Finish that is scratch resistant. You can pick from different colours and styles to match your home’s exterior.

If you no longer want to clean your gutter system at the beginning of every season, then you need LeafGuard gutters Orangeville. This will save you time and help you avoid potentially falling from the roof or the ladder.

Exclusive Dealer and Installer of LeafGuard Gutters in Orangeville

At Trades by Jack, we are the exclusive dealers of the LeafGuard gutter system. We are also licensed to install and repair LeafGuard gutters in Orangeville. Coming to us ensures you do not void the warranty of the LeafGuard gutter system. Note you also risk voiding the warranty of your roof and your homeowner’s insurance should there be damage while you are doing DIY gutter repairs.

How Does the LeafGuard Gutter System work?

One-piece gutter design: The LeafGuard gutter system features a one-piece gutter design with a built-in protection system. This one-piece design sheds leaves, twigs, insects, shingle fragments, other debris, as well as pollen. This prevents clogging as no debris will build up inside the gutter system or the downspouts. Gutters that are in sections are more susceptible to blowing off when there are strong winds and due to sagging.

Caulking: Unlike prefabricated eavestroughs, you do not need extra caulking with LeafGuard gutters. LeafGuard gutters do not have seams, which means smoother water flow and reduced threat of water damage, given that most leaks occur at the seams.

Built-in Hood: Thanks to the built-in hood, you do not have to buy two separate systems. The hood deflects leaves and other debris while allowing water in. The liquid adhesion principle is based on the surface tension of the water. The water is able to flow gently around the front-facing entrance’s curvature.

When you come to us, we will help you choose since LeafGuard gutters Orangeville come in different colours and designs. We ensure that the gutter system is properly reinforced and secured.

At Trades by Jack, we customize LeafGuard gutters to fit your home. We have a team of professional installers who cut the gutters according to your home’s specific measurements on-site. In most cases, the installation will only take a day. Once the work is done, our team will discard the old gutter system for you.

How do Commonly Used Gutter Guards in Orangeville Compare with LeafGuard?

Most homeowners in Orangeville who have traditional gutter systems go for gutter screens to keep debris away. However, gutter screens are not only an eyesore but are also susceptible to detachment since they are held in place by clips. So, how are LeafGuard gutters superior to the alternatives?

  • Nylon/Foam Guards: The wedge-shaped nylon and foam guards offer some protection to the eavestrough system and come with slick finishes, but they get clogged, requiring regular cleaning.
  • Bottle Brush Guards: These gutter guards feature a spiky material that bends to allow water while leaving leaves and other debris out. However, some leaves will go through, so they are not recommended for areas with many trees.
  • Reverse-Curve Guards: These guards are built into the roofline. Their disadvantage is that they may collapse if debris and ice accumulate.
  • Mesh Guards: These come with metal screens installed over the gutters. The mesh traps the leaves at the top, allowing water to flow freely. The downside of this type of gutter guard is that you periodically have to remove the trapped leaves.

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