The Benefits of LeafGuard Gutters Over Aftermarket Protection

Why LeafGuard Gutters Are Better for Your Home

There are several aftermarket gutter protection methods available today. These include foam guards, brush-style guards, reverse-curve guards, mesh and micro-mesh guards, and screen guards. These guards may have some benefits, but they all have drawbacks that can be addressed by a superior gutter system like the LeafGuard gutter system. With LeafGuard gutters in Toronto, the protection is built into the trough itself, making it the only one-piece gutter protection system. So, what are the advantages of the LeafGuard gutter system over aftermarket protection?

Why LeafGuard Gutters Are Better Than Leaffilter?

When searching for gutter protectors, it’s important to exercise caution and compare the qualities of different options, such as LeafFilter vs. LeafGuard. Choosing the wrong gutter protector can result in wasted money, as leaks, blockages, and flooding can still occur. Comparing the properties of LeafGuard and LeafFilter can help you make an informed decision.
LeafGuard for gutters protection features a helmet design that uses the liquid adhesion principle to redirect water from the roof into the downspout. Its reverse curve style enhances visual appeal and ensures debris slides off effortlessly. The exclusive debris shedding design has undergone various tests and proven to be the most effective gutter guard available in the market. As it comes with its gutter system, it’s an even better option. It’s the only one-piece seamless gutter protection system available and is made with high-quality aluminum material. Additionally, it guarantees protection against all excess moisture-related issues, including pest and rodent infestations, basement floor and wall cracks, and mold growth that extends to interior walls.
LeafFilter for gutters has a simple design that’s aesthetically pleasing, and gutter replacement isn’t necessary. However, installing it requires time, energy, and the right tools, and you need to be careful not to damage the roof shingles or fascia boards. You may find it challenging to put the mesh gutter protectors in place, especially if you have no experience or knowledge about them. You’ll also need to clean off the top of the mesh screens regularly as debris accumulates on them.
Between the two options, LeafGuard is the best gutter protection system due to its high quality and minimal required maintenance. It eliminates worries about leaks, clogs, and other problems associated with open gutters. Professionals can handle the installation, ensuring a highly functional gutter in a stress-free manner. In contrast, LeafFilter requires too much maintenance and may not be practical in areas with high rainfall.

Built-in Hood

LeafGuard gutters feature a built-in hood design that uses the principle of liquid adhesion. This allows water to flow through the front-facing entrance while leaves, pine and fir needles, twigs, dirt, and other debris sheds to the ground. This ensures that the eavestrough is clog-free throughout its lifespan.

Installation away from the shingles

LeafGuard gutters are installed directly on the fascia board using internal hangers, away from the shingles. The internal hangers are spaced every 0.6 meters (2 feet), ensuring they can withstand even the heaviest rainfall (up to 32 inches of rainfall per day). Standard gutter covers are attached underneath the first or second row of shingles. The fact that you do not have to tamper with the shingles when installing the gutters means you will not risk voiding the roof’s warranty.

True one-piece design

Unlike aftermarket guards that are installed on existing gutter systems, LeafGuard gutters come in a true one-piece design. Once you install the gutters, you do not have to install a separate protection system. The gutters are cut at the site during installation to ensure they are truly seamless. Traditional prefabricated gutters are installed in sections that are susceptible to sagging and even blowing off during storms or strong winds. Seams on prefabricated gutters are a major weak point and are where most leaks start.

Aesthetic Appeal

Screens are a popular gutter protection method. However, they are an eyesore and susceptible to detachment since they are held in place using clips. LeafGuard gutters are designed with aesthetics in mind. They come in different colours and can work with varying types of roof pitches, meaning there is something for every home. The drawbacks of other common types of gutter guards include:

  • Brush gutter guards: They do not block all types of debris, letting through pine and fir needles, maple spinners, and other smaller debris that are caught in the bristles. This means you regularly have to climb up the ladder to unclog them.
  • Foam gutter guards: Although they can prevent clogs inside the gutters, clogging can easily form on top of the guards, requiring regular unclogging. Some of these guards are fire hazards.
  • Reverse curve/surface tension gutter guards: These gutter guards are installed underneath the shingles and are an eye sore since they are noticeable from the ground. There is also a risk of pest problems as wasps and bees can get through the opening and build nests.

How LeafGuard Gutters Construction, Mechanism and Materials Stand Out From Compare to Other Gutter Systems

When considering if other than LeafGuard Gutter system is worth it, it’s important to explore the truth about its properties. Mostly, their construction design makes them the easiest gutter covers to work with since they don’t require exclusive gutter types to blend with. However, you still need to get the correct measurements to ensure you get the cover and gutter that complement each other, and you must collect all the necessary tools, such as structural hangers, to attach them.
On the other hand, LeafGuard’s construction design does not hinder its compatibility with all roof types, making installation easier and allowing you to start enjoying your new efficient gutter system on the same day. It doesn’t have to be attached to the shingles, ensuring your roof warranty remains intact.
So, is LeafGuard worth the money? The answer is yes. Its aluminum material and water drainage mechanism make it the most valuable gutter system and the one that’s likely to bring you the return on investment you deserve.

Trades by Jack: Your Eavestrough Experts in The Greater Toronto Area

Water can cause untold damage to your home. The major cause of water damage is gutter clogging. At Trades by Jack, our LeafGuard gutters solve the problem of water damage. LeafGuard gutters are unparalleled when compared to aftermarket products like screens, mesh and micro-mesh guards, foam guards, and surface tension guards. LeafGuard gutters feature a seamless design and are designed with aesthetics in mind. Call us today for more information on LeafGuard gutters.

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