Why LeafGuard Gutters Are Right for You

LeafGuard Gutters for First-Class Rainwater Management

LeafGuard gutters are a one-of-a-kind gutter system that is guaranteed to prevent clogging. The design of the gutters features a patented built-in hood and one-piece design. LeafGuard gutters use the liquid adhesion principle to allow water to flow through the front-facing curved surface while allowing debris to fall off. LeafGuard gutters in Toronto are installed on the fascia board (and away from the shingles).

The Greater Toronto Area receives significant rain and snowfall. LeafGuard gutters are designed for North America. They can withstand up to 32 inches of rain per day. They are supported by internal hangers spaced every 2 feet for maximum support. In addition to these primary factors, there are several other reasons why LeafGuard gutters are right for you:

Clog Free: The greatest benefit of LeafGuard gutters is that they do not clog. This ensures you do not have to regularly climb up the ladder to remove debris. Ladder-related falls are very commonplace as you have to remove the debris while balancing on the ladder. The process of removing debris is also very messy as you have to run your hand through the gutter sludge.

No Installation under the Shingles: LeafGuard gutters are installed on the fascia board. Other gutter guards are installed underneath the first or second shingle, which means there is a risk of voiding the roof’s warranty. LeafGuard gutters are complete – you will not need to install an additional gutter guard.

Warranty: LeafGuard gutters are guaranteed to stay clog-free. At Trades by Jack, we go a step further and offer a workmanship warranty. In the unlikely event that you experience clogging with LeafGuard gutters, we will come and take care of the problem. LeafGuard gutters have the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

Water Damage Prevention: LeafGuard gutters help prevent water damage. Without clogging, all the water finds its way down the downspout, preventing water damage like fascia board rotting, mould and mildew problems, damage to the landscaping and the foundation, damage to door and window frames, and interior water problems affecting the attic and the ceiling, and many others.

Efficient and Effective LeafGuard Gutters Protect Your Home at its Best

LeafGuard is the perfect solution for homeowners looking for an efficient and hassle-free gutter system that can protect their home from water damage caused by faulty gutters. With LeafGuard, you can have expert installers professionally install your new gutter system in just one day by following three easy steps: inspecting and removing the old gutter, assembling the new gutter, and attaching the gutters below the roof. What’s more, the construction of LeafGuard does not hinder its compatibility with all roof types, making installation even easier. It does not have to be attached to the shingles, so your roof warranty will remain intact. So why wait? Start enjoying the benefits of LeafGuard today!

Stop Problems Before They Exacerbate

The clog-proof LeafGuard gutters allow you to get ahead of issues that may arise from overflowing water. Thanks to LeafGuard’s patented one-piece design, you need not worry about clogging or ever having to climb up the ladder again. You will also have peace of mind knowing your foundation, basement, fascia board, siding, and landscape are protected.

Call the Trades by Jack, and one of our representatives will answer any question you may have on the LeafGuard gutter system, its limited lifetime warranty, and its cost. We will give you a free, no-obligation quote. We serve homeowners across Ontario.

“I am so glad we installed the LeafGuard Gutter system at my house. The installation team were fantastic. Overall very happy with my choice. ”

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“I would like to thank Trades by Jack for installing the LeafGuard system at my place. It helps keep my gutter clog-free. Now, I don’t have to call a gutter cleaning service over and over again. You have helped me save money and time. Thanks again for your effective solution.”

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